Olawunmi Brigue

Olawunmi Brigue

Olawunmi is a Christian life coach, writer & speaker. She helps Christians overcome stagnation, problematic life areas and destructive habits using biblical principles.

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  • The Brief:

    Ola needed a complete refresh to her existing website to improve the look of her blog posts and a bold new look for her brand.
  • The Result:

    I worked closely with Ola to rebuild her older website. The old site was kept site active while the new site was being developed on a new managed Wordpress host.

    We chose the DIVI theme to allow for rapid development of the site, and to allow Ola to make further changes to the website going forward. A bold branding required a strong landing page to showcase Ola's services & content.

    Page templates were created for full width and sidebar based pages, including a unique single page blog template with social sharing

I worked with Andrew to revamp my website and I couldn't be happier with the way the finished product turned out. The old website was taken apart and completely transformed into a modern, user-friendly and incredibly beautiful site.

My experience with Andrew was not only professional, it was pleasant and I enjoyed working with him. Andrew not only did exceptional work based on the original outline I had given him, but he also gave valuable input on how to make the final product even better. He took the time to understand my message and the services I provide, and he invested a great deal of time into making sure the site layout and aesthetics were right for my business.

I will certainly be engaging Andrew’s services in the future and I highly recommend him.

Ola Brigue

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