Howes Consultancy

Howes Consultancy

Howes Consultancy provides Legal consulting, China consulting, teaching of several languages and teaching Law.

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  • The Brief:

    Howes Consultancy required a website to highlight the services provided by Richard and to also display this information in both English and Chinese.
  • The Result:

    Working with Richard, I designed the overall page layouts during our initial meeting. I then worked through various layouts (vertically, horizontally and side by side) to display the Chinese script to create the final layout. I designed the logo using the idea of a book (for law, and for teaching) and used the brand colour of his consultancy business as a highlight throughout the site.

    The end result for each page on howesconsultancy.com is a consistently bold colour header, followed by a section in English and a section in Chinese with a subtle grey background colour. The footer displays key contact information and also the key services that Richard provides.

Andrew is a bright spark when it comes to things tech and web development. He knows his material and moves with ease and speed through the digital milieu, producing a truly professional end product. His rates are competitive and I'm very pleased with the work he has done for me. I have no hesitation recommending him.
Richard, Howes Consultancy

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