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Pat and Stick’s

Pat and Stick's Homemade Ice Cream Co - makers of the 'world-famous' ice cream sandwich. Real, honest ingredients. Proudly Australian. Since 2004.

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  • The Brief:

    Pat and Stick needed a new website to reflect today's modern web - a refreshed design was created by the designers at The Offices. Their design layout focused on detailed product information, displaying recent instagram posts, behind the scenes information and the all important store locator to help locate the nearest ice cream sandwich (or four-pack & tub)!
  • The Result:

    Using The Offices desktop based design layouts I created a custom Wordpress theme to display the layout using a common web framework, Bootstrap. Using Bootstrap meant that I could rapidly convert each page design to be responsive regardless of device, or screen size.

    Using Wordpress, I then added custom database sections for the Flavours & Products types. Additional Flavours can now be added in easily by Pat & Stick and their team. The Instagram feed dynamically displays the most recent images without any further intervention.

    I added/improved the following functionality:

    • flavours: all product and flavour listings are now database driven
    • Instagram feed: fewer images are shown on devices with small screens
    • location/stockist finder: results finder takes the user to a direct URL for sharing.

    As a result of a successful launch I've been asked to carry on providing ongoing support and there are future plans for additional features to be added to the website.

Andrew has pulled off the impossible with our transition from a clunky old WordPress template website to a new whizz-bang piece of Internet art. From the outset, Andrew was great to communicate with (despite being a whole hemisphere away) and took in the concepts we wanted with ease before expanding them to deliver more value than we ever thought possible. His technical prowess and depth of development knowledge was married perfectly with a balanced mix of art, wordsmithing, creativity and project management. Thanks to his ability to follow through patiently with our graphic designer we now have one of the best-looking sites out there with performance to boot! Thank you Andrew, we look forward to our next project with you!
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